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Georgia Employment Lawyer

Since our founding, John L. Mays has experienced unprecedented success. Clients take notice of our drive to succeed, and we have quickly developed a reputation for excellence. I am energetic, hard-working attorneys with abundant enthusiasm for every matter. Our commitment to our clients drives our firm to obtain outstanding results in litigation against some of the best attorneys in the country. Through hard work and determination, John L. Mays, and his team of employment lawyers consistently achieve extraordinary results for our clients.

Client-Centered Philosophy

John L. Mays represents a diverse group of clients, from those who make less than minimum wage to businesses with millions in annual revenue. In most individual cases, workers can retain our attorneys without paying expenses up-front regardless of a client's income. Because our clients are important to us, we take the time to get to know each one. Our goal is to ensure that each client receives fair treatment under the law and that they receive compensation for the damages they have suffered.

John L. Mays, Attorney at Law has a history of developing lasting relationships with the businesses we represent. Due to the complexities of employment law compliance and litigation, we believe that an attorney should know business clients inside and out. Because employees and their roles can change, continuing vigilance is critical to maintain compliance. I take pride in the fact that the businesses that initially come to us in response to lawsuits stay with us for compliance long after the cases are resolved.

Not all companies maintain compliance with the law, and when violations occur, we regularly work with the victims of discrimination, wage theft, unlawful overtime policies, and retaliation for reporting such violations. While we understand the gravity of our clients' circumstances and the hardship that they face, we work with a sense of lightness and humor to help ease the stress of their circumstances. Despite the gravity of the situation, we put our clients at ease and discuss their legal options openly and honestly.

Our Creative Problem-Solving Delivers Results

Because we value each one of our attorneys' contributions, we take a collaborative approach to our law practice. Every case that we accept receives the focused attention of our entire legal team. This collaboration ensures that each case receives the benefit of our combined experience. During our team meetings, we often gain valuable insight into a legal problem that working independently cannot provide.

Attorneys with a Commitment to Excellence and Affordability

We are driven to succeed, and we harness our determination by working hard. I am not satisfied until we have examined every possible approach to a case. This level of diligence allows us to pursue complex legal claims with confidence. Although we work hard, John L. Mays, and his team of employment lawyers handle cases efficiently, delivering results at a lower cost than many other employment law firms. You can be certain that we will leave no stone unturned when we represent you.

Because we regularly work with the same judges and attorneys, we understand the importance of maintaining a good reputation in the legal community. Accordingly, we operate with the utmost professional and ethical responsibility in every area of our practice. Although we are aggressive litigators, we maintain a level of professionalism that earns respect from the judges and attorneys we work with on a daily basis.

If you have any employment law-related questions, contact John L. Mays at our Atlanta location for a consultation.