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John L. Mays represents plaintiffs and defendants who work in a variety of industries. I have helped many clients attain positive outcomes in cases involving complex employment law issues.

Industries that our attorneys frequently serve include, but are not limited to:


Daycare centers provide custodial and educational services to children, preparing them to enter elementary school. Since daycare centers are governed by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), overtime and minimum wage laws apply. Unless an in-home child care center hires employees to assist with the children, these centers are not required to comply with the FLSA.

Frequent labor issues that affect the daycare industry include failure to record all hours worked, unpaid overtime, minimum wage violations and misclassification of employees.


Most employees who work in the technology sector are not governed by the FLSA. This exemption applies to computer programmers, systems analysts, software engineers and similarly skilled workers. However, technicians performing routine repairs and maintenance may not be exempt from overtime requirements. As with any "white collar" exemption, to qualify under the FLSA, an employee must meet specific requirements related to job function and compensation.


The hotel industry provides lodging facilities to the general public. Many of these establishments also provide food and beverages to their guests. The FLSA governs the wage and hour laws of hotels, though the extent to which they apply depends on the full range of services a hotel provides. A hotel's staff often includes a mixture of salaried, hourly and tipped employees.

Typical employment-related issues that hotels face include misclassification of employees, inaccurate recordkeeping, loss of the tip credit, unpaid overtime and minimum wage violations.

Health Care

The highly-regulated health care industry is governed by a complex intersection of state and federal laws. Many health care workers are unionized, a status that brings a unique set of employment law considerations.

The health care industry encompasses a broad variety of businesses with unique employment law considerations. Hospitals, medical clinics, nursing homes, private practices, dental offices and urgent care facilities all fall under the health care employment laws. Health care facilities are required to follow the laws provided under the FLSA. Therefore, health care workers must earn minimum wage and overtime, unless they are classified as exempt. An on-call employee who is required to remain on the premises is considered to be working and must be paid for their time.


The construction industry encompasses businesses that are engaged in building, repairing or renovating structures. This industry also includes activities that are closely related to construction, such as painting, roofing, sandblasting and landscaping. To be subject to the FLSA, a construction business must have at least two employees and an annual sales volume of $500,000 or more. Common employment law issues in the construction industry involve unpaid breaks, inaccurate recordkeeping, unpaid overtime and travel time.

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